Back to it.

I arrived in Grand Goâve, Haiti, today at about 5:30 PM. I’m really happy to be back in Haiti, there’s something about this country that just sticks to your heart and I’ve been missing being here. It’s been a long day of travel beginning at 3 AM, but it was a smooth process which I’m very grateful for. I’m ready for my cold shower (there is no hot water here) and bed.

I arrived at the mission compound to find that our old room had been prepared for me. This is where we lived for about a year.


 Tomorrow morning I’ll begin my primary project for the week which is to install 20 computers in the new computer lab. This is located in the new school/church building in Thozin, about 2 miles from where the missionaries stay. The “pods” are ready to receive the computers and I’ve brought wireless adapters for each of them which will allow me to network them together so the kids can work on corporate projects.

DSC_0044.JPG DSC_0045.JPG

 I also hope to catch up with our ISOM Schools. We currently have three schools running, well… actually two, I’ll be launching one next week at St. Ettiénne where Pastor Hakim’s church is located in the mountains. A pastor from the island of Lagonavé, where Pastor Lex grew up as a child, is also considering starting a school, so that may bring the total to four. This is a photo of Pastor Édon and Pastor Jethro who are both running schools currently.


 I’m looking forward to a productive week. Please be praying that I am able to accomplish all that God has laid before me, for his protection, for his wisdom and for His joy in my efforts.

As always, your prayerful and financial support is imperative to making our work here successful. Thank you for empowering us to fight against poverty and champion the cause of the gospel here in Haiti.

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