Hurricane Matthew


Destroyed crops in Grand Goave, Haiti.


A key bridge swept away by the mudslides and floods.

You’ve probably seen the devastation that hurricane Matthew has wreaked in Haiti. I’ve been in communication with Lex and Renee and have been updated as to the condition of Grande Goave specifically.

The greatest need at the moment is for food. Most crops in the community were destroyed by the 100 mph winds and many animals were killed by floods and mudslides. Many people have been displaced because their homes have been destroyed or damaged by winds, water, and mud. Some of the poorest areas of Grand Goave have suffered the most.

I have not made a plea for funds in some time but things are desperate right now. Again, food is the greatest need so I’m asking you to consider making a donation to that end. You can help by donating $40 (or whatever you can) to support a local family. Providing a typical meal of rice and beans for a family of five for one week requires a small sack rice, a big bag of beans, and a gallon of oil… about $40 USD. These will be procured in quantity and distributed to the families of Grand Goave.

As always, ALL of your money goes to our missionaries on the ground in Haiti… every penny.

Please do what you can.

May blessings, Kevin.

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