Reaching out to the poorest

Written by Tam

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Hey Everybody!

Sorry it’s taken so long to get this posted. As usual we hit the ground running and haven’t come up for air!

Kevin came to Haiti via California (ISOM Missionary Conference) and arrived as scheduled, a day before the team from Ohio. Thanks to the snowstorm, I arrived two days later and more than a dollar short. I am still playing catchup as Kevin is fully intrenched in his duties.

Kevin and I are here “hosting” the missionaries at Kay Mirliton. Basically making sure that everyone has a place to sleep, food to eat and gets to where they need to be. That last one seems to be Kevin’s primary task, as well as acting as interpreter, general repairs, shopping, counseling, preaching and moving various farm animals out of the paths of vehicles. 

There is a large team (27) which is comprised of medical, construction and general helpers, that provided and use a huge school bus to shuttle them back and forth. Another part of that group led by Tim & Shanda, a severely disabled woman, who describes herself as “is in a wheel chair, and talks funny”, brought handicap equipment, ie wheelchairs, walkers, crutches etc., to distribute to the handicapped in the area. Shanda shared her powerful testimony at church last night which was a great encouragement to all. Kevin has been in charge of taking Shanda & Tim where they need to go.

This team has been building, painting, pouring cement, holding medical clinics and working with the children. There is also a “real” mechanic here, which those of you that have been here can fully appreciate. He’s been making repairs, as best he can … you know, the “right” way.

As always, Haiti is the melting pot of American missionaries coming from every walk of life. Part of “hosting” is helping everyone to “play nicely with others”! Pa genyen pwoblem (no problem), always interesting and enlightening.

We had Haitian church service last night. It was great to see Rosenee and her 15 month old daughter, Christie. You may remember praying for Christie a year ago when she was failing to thrive because of issues with her digestive system. She is happy healthy now, raising her hands to the Lord and dancing during the music. She, like American toddlers, also enjoys using the cell phone.

Tim, Shanda, Sandy, Alexis & I went up the road from the mission compound at the beach (Kay Mirliton) to meet our neighbors. We drive back and forth by these people daily. We smile and wave but this time we met them. It was really cool. Shanda shared with the people and Alexis translated. They were happy to have us visit with them and pray with them. They also liked the candy Shanda & Sandy gave out.

We walked further up and met a woman and her brother. They called us into the shade and produced chairs for us. We found out that the woman’s husband had died a few months ago leaving her with three children to provide for. We didn’t have anything with us that we could give her but we will get back to her with food. While we were there we met most of the extended family. Before we left, we prayed with them and tried to encourage them. They were very happy that we took the time to spend with them. I am looking forward to seeing them again and seeing what we can do to help!

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