Water for St. Etienne

I’m really excited about the well water project at the mountain church/school of St. Etienné. It all began with a group from Grace Fellowship Church in Nashua New Hampshire which visited us at Mission of Hope in Grand Goâve, Haiti, last April. God moved on Pastor Paul’s heart to donate the money to drill a well there at the school. The well was drilled and an abundance of water was accessed, which in itself was a work of God because water is not often found in the high altitudes of the rocky mountains.

Today, as a result of the fundraising efforts of Bonhoeffer’ Best Javafest, a ministry that sells coffee at the annual Christian festival, the Soulfest in Gilford, New Hampshire, I was able to provide substantial funds for the construction of a water tower so that the distribution of water can begin in the very near future. Soon, the children of St. Etienné, and the surrounding community, will enjoy clean, easily accessible water.

Here’s a short video of the kids showing their gratitude. Of course, I staged the video, but they definitely are excited about having access to clean water. Currently, many of them have to carry large buckets of water up the mountain. What a relief it will be to have water right at their school!

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