A Short Trip “Home”

Photo on 11-5-13 at 1.09 PMTam and I are heading back to Massachusetts for a short trip to visit family, friends and take care for some business. We’ll spend 5 days in MA then off to Alabama, our new residential address in the states, to secure Tammy’s Alabama drivers license. We are so excited to see our kids, grand kids and parents along with as may friends as we can visit in this short time. It’s going to be cold for us! hopefully our blood hasn’t thinned too much.

We are planning to ship a barrel to Haiti while we are in the states. Having spent the last 3 months living in Haiti, we have learned the difficulties in securing items there that are otherwise easy to find in the states. If you are interested in adding to this shipment, I’ve built a “Wish List” at Amazon.com. It’s a very easy way to communicate our material needs for those who ask how they can help.

You cna see the list, and order from here: Wish List It’s a no pressure request, of course. We’ll ship the barrel in 10 days or so.

Thank you to all of our faithful supporters. We hope we can touch base when we are home!

Love, Kev and Tam

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