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Lex and Renee Edmé are the directors of MOHI where Tam and I will live, working hand in hand to fulfill their vision for Haiti as well as ours. Renee is a proficient blog writer and keeps the MOHI supporters well informed with her excellent writing skills.

I’m re-posting her recent entries since they reflect the work I’ve been doing for the past month. Once Tammy is here with me and we get settled in, I hope to do more of my own writing.

Into the Calm

The end of Tropical Storm Chantal over the MOHI Thozin campus

The end of Tropical Storm Chantal over the MOHI Thozin campus

We’re in the midst of the calm after the storm.  It’s been so quiet here at MOHI for the past two days.  I almost don’t recognize this place.  While I’m very grateful for a little break, I’m looking forward to activities starting up again soon.


This past week we housed a team of 51 for Mission E4 at our missionary compound.  The team seemed to have enjoyed their stay.  A. Jay went to work with them for a couple of days and got to enjoy a baptism service where both Haitian and American youth made that all-important decision to follow Jesus.

Team from W Newbury Congregational Church

Team from W Newbury Congregational Church

We also worked with a wonderful team from the West Newbury Congregational Church during the week.  Long-time MOHI friend, Mindy Rameau, led a tea of twelve to come along side and help with the ministry here.  Steve and Wayne built screen doors and shelves for the missionary compound.  Doris led a group in children’s ministry.  They had their hands full with a bunch of VERY enthusiastic children.  Between them and their translators they were able to maintain order, sing, pray, read stories, eat and do lots of hands on projects.  Although I’m sure Doris’ team is resting up from the week still, they all had a grand time – almost as much as the children did.  Angela was glad to have help again with Mindy’s nurses and physical therapists arriving on the heels of the Bless Back Worldwide medical team’s visit.  They were able to follow up on a couple of surgeries from the week before, as well as seeing many new patients.

20130720 rameau clinic se boat


Computer Club

We had an enthusiastic week with the computer club, as Junior put in some extra days with them.  We are looking forward to getting some projects going with them soon, as Sora and James (I understand they are INCREDIBLE young volunteers from One Laptop per Child!) will be spending a week working with the club to create projects that can be shared in a blog.  I dream of these computer club kids one day developing a school newspaper!

20130715 Rameau team3


We’re having trouble sitting.  Our chairs and benches get a LOT of use!  We are currently working on reupholstering a few dozen chairs.  We’ve put a request before the church, asking each member to donate a bench.  We will be repairing/painting our school benches and putting them into the new classrooms, as we prepare for the new school year opening in September.

Recovering our chairs

Recovering our chairs

I think Nathan's trying to tell us something!

I think Nathan’s trying to tell us something!

St Etienne

This week we enjoyed some help from our Sri Lankan friends, serving with MINUSTAH in our area.  They brought a back hoe out to our St Etienne campus and excavated some of the mountain to give us more space in front of the school.  Their help was greatly appreciated.


Pastor Kevin ministered in the Word of God in Thozin this morning and this evening.  As you can see in these pictures, if you’re very observant, he was relating the story of David slaying Goliath.

Goliath way soooo tall...David only needed one of the five stones...Goliath was laughing so hard at this little boy named David...David slayed Goliath with one little stone

Goliath way soooo tall…David only needed one of the five stones…Goliath was laughing so hard at this little boy named David…David slayed Goliath with one little stone

The Big Move

We are so grateful for Kevin’s presence here at MOHI for almost a month now.  Thank you, Tammy, for your sacrifice!!!  Kevin heads back to Massachusetts on Tuesday to be reunited with Tammy, close on their house (Yay!!!), spend a week working at Soulfest and finishing up preparations for moving to Haiti.  By the middle of next month, we are expecting Kevin and Tammy to be here in Haiti with us full time!  Room number 1 is now theirs (Sorry Drex and Jo, but we’ll have another one ready for you in a heartbeat, should you come back for a visit!).  The Groders have so much to offer.  We’re going to have to make a conscious effort not to over work them upon their arrival!  Please remember them in prayer over the next few weeks.  There will plenty of opportunity for stress to lay hold, but let’s pray for a smooth and easy transition for them.

The first round of "moving" barrels arrived yesterday.  I'd say they included the Groder tool shed.  Woo Hoo!!!

The first round of “moving” barrels arrived yesterday. I’d say they included the Groder tool shed. Woo Hoo!!!

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