Reality sets in…

Anything we are taking goes into one of these.

We should be signing HAVE SIGNED the official Purchase and Sales agreement with the buyer sometime in the next day. This means that we are approaching the final sale of our house very soon! If all goes well with the assessment and documentation, we should close sometime the end of July… yikes!

I will be leaving on a previously scheduled trip for Haiti the end of June. This means that we have to get the vast majority of belongings out of the house; sell, donate or trash is the current catch phrase at the Groder household. It is likely we will find ourselves moving to Haiti in mid August. This means I’ll be packing 55 Gallon barrels with the possesions we will bring to Haiti. This will mostly include clothing, computer gear and odds and ends that will be useful to have with us. I looks like we will reduce the contents of our two story house into 4 or more barrels. Talk about simplifying! ON that note, if you know of anyone who can get barrels with locking rings for cheap, I still need some.

Upon my return to the states in July, Tam and I will be jumping right into our roles at the Soulfest in Gilford, NH, as we have done for many years. I am the IT coordinator for the event and Tam works in the Box Office and with Hospitality.

Please keep us in your prayers as we work through this phase of relocating. Tam especially could use your support as she will be dealing with the brunt of the final preparations while I am in Haiti.

As always, thank you for your steadfast support and prayerful encouragement!

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