So much stuff!

Boy, you never realize how much stuff you have until to you have to move it.

Tam and I are eager to make this move to Haiti, and there’s not much that is holding us back, except dealing with all of our possessions and or home. The house, of course, is the largest item we have to liquidate. You’d think one could simply put a for-sale sign out in the front lawn and have it sell, but, unfortunately, this isn’t true. There’s a lot of prep work that has to go into getting our house ready for sale. Before we can do that, we need to deal with all of the stuff that we have accumulated over the last 29 years of marriage and child rearing.

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As we deal with this tangled mess of appliances, furniture, books and nick-knacks, we are often reminded of the whole purpose we are moving to Haiti in the first place. While we whine about having to makes the decision to “sell, trash or donate” our stuff, most of our Haitian friends at the mission are living with needs that are so basic… like “How will I find a meal for my family today?” or “Where can I find money to bring my sick child to the hospital?”. These are the realities of Haitian life, these are the people we are so desperate to help.

So, Tam and I will go about the business of dealing with our “stuff” and remember to thank God for His provision as we do so.

Please pray for us, if you are able, we need a number of key issues to be resolved soon. Namely, (1) finding a box truck, mini-bus or RV to pack and ship to Haiti, (2) find a stateside administrator to handle our mail and banking (a part time volunteer job), (3) figure out what to do with Indy, our dog.. take her or leave her with a good family, (4) sell the house, (5) raise the $10,000 or so we will need to make this move and (6) pray for and encourage us so we don’t lose our minds in the process!

BTW, you can see what we have for sale here: Moving!

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