Ways to help.

Why support Help4Haiti?

First a personal note:

I believe that most Americans are aware of their relative wealth with regards to the global economy. I realize that most of us do not consider ourselves “wealthy”, we work hard for our money and to make ends meet. Most of us don’t have huge savings or an expensive lifestyle. The reality, however, is that to the vast majority of the rest of the world, we are wealthy. The gross national individual income for Haitians is $700 US. Most of the people I work with make less than $2 US per day and most have no hope for finding work to make a living at all. We consider cable TV, internet service, gym memberships, eating out and Dunkin Donuts coffee necessities of everyday living. In Haiti, securing a meal to feed your family is an everyday necessity, one that is often left unfulfilled.

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty but these are the facts. We are so insulated from the very concept of poverty and hunger that we simply don’t think about these very much. How often have you said “I’m broke or I’m starving”. You’re not, I’ve seen the broke and starving… you’re doing OK.

So, what can you do? Well, support local charities, volunteer at a shelter or food pantry, do what you can right where you live, and maybe support us in our endeavor to help the “least of these”, as Jesus put it.

Thank you for considering how you might help us fulfill our mission to the Haitian people. While we are basically liquidating our stateside assets, we will still need support to continue our work in Haiti. Generating revenue in Haiti is difficult, so we will primarily depend upon mission minded churches and individuals to support us while we serve in the mission field. ANY financial or material gift is welcome, of course, but monthly sponsorship of any amount is preferable. Below you will find a link to offer financial aid and a list of material needs. We will update these regularly, as needs arise or are fulfilled.

Please click here to go to our donations page.

Stuff we need, big and small:

Transportation: a good running, rugged 4 wheeler. I am willing to buy one provided I have the funds. We have a promise from a church to pay for the shipping of said 4-wheeler.

A box truck to ship our stuff in. We would drive this to Miami and ship the packed truck to Haiti. This is the most reliable and cost effective way to deliver large shipments. Again, we’ll buy this unless someone wants to donate.

55 gallon drums, clean and with lids and locking rings, for shipping things in.

Well, no small stuff quite yet… we’ll add as we go.